All Your Building Data.

One Central Location.

Complete Automation.

Automatically unify all your critical building applications and data into a single source of truth.
Data Management

Helping property management firms turn data into value

Whether it’s facility operations, leasing or asset management, all of these functions require data collection and management to handle day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, much of this data comes from completely disparate applications, systems, people and processes. That’s where we can help. We automate complex data management across commercial and industrial properties to help our clients reduce operational costs, increase capitalization rates and minimize risk.

Put Your Data to Work

Unify, automate and control data from any technology, application, system or process you have in place today (and in the future) to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies, cost savings, new revenue streams and enhanced compliance.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Automate the complete data management process from collection and integration to visualization and analysis. Our no-code platform lets you focus on making data-driven decisions rather than fussing with technology.

Empower Your People

With all your building applications and data in one place, your entire organization can work from the same blueprint, quickly avoiding the discrepancies that often arise from disparate data and different tools.

Smart Cleaning

Streamline Day-to-Day Tasks

We’ll help you reduce busywork and manual workloads by digitizing and automating day-to-day operations like creating, collecting and managing all of your property forms.

Unlock Actions and Insights

Access information in real-time through a unified dashboard, automated reports, adhoc queries or export into existing systems. Monitor critical business functions, identify trends, and share actionable insights.

Improve Communication & Support

Provide on-demand access to critical facility information, send real-time alerts and automate support requests such as work orders and access control through conversational AI.

Powerful Solutions for All Your Building Operations

Energy & Sustainability

Collect and analyze indoor air quality data to identify gaps for increased energy efficiency, improved ventilation, and decreased utility costs. Ingest and integrate BAS data to identify building anomalies and operational deficiencies

Tenant Engagement & Management

Enhance the tenant experience and reduce costly support with faster access to critical facility information and automated coordination, processing, and approval of requests through conversational AI.

Occupant Health & Safety

Collect, integrate and share IoT data like occupancy, cleaning supply levels and air quality to better manage social distancing, cleaning services and adequate ventilation for enhanced tenant health and reduced disease transmission.

Preventative Maintenance

Simplify the management and service life of amenities such as elevators and HVAC equipment. Receive alerts on potential issues before they occur, schedule proactive maintenance and track work order progress in real-time.

Risk & Compliance Management

Mitigate financial, safety, and reputational risks with end-to-end management of all your compliance data, from tenant insurance and service-level agreements to occupancy compliance.

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