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The tools you need to access, integrate and unify data in any commercial or industrial environment.

Smart Facilities Management

Turning data into value for smart facilities management.

Whether it’s facility operations, leasing or asset management, all of these functions require data collection and management to handle day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, much of this data comes from completely disparate systems, people and processes. That’s where we can help. Our smart facilities management platform provides the tools needed to integrate, unify and standardize hundreds of data sets, quickly and effectively.

Lower Operating Costs

Automate and optimize critical processes and better manage assets to reduce costs associated with tenant management, insurance and repairs and maintenance.

Reduce Facility Damage

Monitor the health and status of critical equipment and assets to protect your business from costly repairs and unplanned maintenance.

Improve Time Management

Reduce busywork with automated administrative tasks like work orders, access control and COI tracking as well as tenant and employee relations.

Connect Any Data Set

Access critical information from all the technologies, people and processes that you have in place today and in the future.

Smart Facilities Management

Standardize Your Data

Intelligently and automatically define relevant relationships between data types without costly & time-consuming coding

Smart Facilities Management

Turn Tasks into Automated Workflows

Set up automatic actions to route requests and alerts to the right people, notify team members, tenants or vendors when projects are done.

Smart Facilities Management

Unlock Insights & Actions

Access information in real-time through a unified dashboard, automated reports, adhoc queries or export into existing systems. Monitor critical business functions, identify trends, and share actionable insights.

Smart Facilities Management

Improve Communication & Support

Provide on-demand access to critical facility information, send real-time alerts and automate support requests such as work orders and access control through conversational AI.

Smart Facilities Management


From occupancy and leak detection to indoor air quality monitoring, unify and automate data from any IoT device to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies, cost savings, and new revenue streams.


Mitigate financial, safety, and reputational risks with end-to-end management of all your compliance data, from tenant insurance and hazmat management to service-level agreements and occupancy compliance.


Collect and analyze indoor air quality data to identify gaps for increased energy efficiency, improved ventilation, and decreased utility costs. Ingest and integrate BAS data to identify building anomalies and operational deficiencies.

Tenant Engagement

Enhance the tenant experience and reduce costly support with faster access to critical facility information and automated coordination, processing, and approval of requests through conversational AI.

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