Optimize Building Operations with Actionable Occupancy Data

With deep insight into how spaces are used, you can make better decisions regarding space allocation, staffing and resources and ensure your property is operating efficiently and safely. 

Building Occupancy

Reduce Energy Costs

Know when and how occupants use certain spaces within a building and automate HVAC, lighting, and other systems according to occupancy behaviour to reduce energy waste.

Optimize Space & Operations

Use real-time data on occupancy and foot traffic to manage space allocation and staff more efficiently and reduce janitorial and maintenance costs.

Improve Health & Safety

Monitor traffic flows and pinpoint over-utilized and under-utilized areas to optimize cleaning schedules, minimize unnecessary maintenance.

Integrate Data Across the Building

Automatically define relevant relationships between occupancy data and other building systems such as smart cleaning to identify areas for improvement and cost savings.

Create more Efficient Spaces and Streamline Operations with GroundFloor

Turn Tasks into Automated Workflows

Set up automatic actions to route requests and alerts to the right people, notify team members, tenants or vendors when projects are done.

Get Real-time Actionable Insights

Access information in real-time through a unified dashboard, automated reports, adhoc queries or export into existing systems.

Improve Communication & Support

Provide on-demand access to building occupancy information and automate tenant support requests through conversational AI.

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