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Who We Are

We are committed to building cutting-edge solutions that unleash new possibilities within the smart facilities space. To accomplish this, we take a caring and connected approach to the team we’re building. We’ve built an inclusive, transparent culture dedicated to celebrating each other. To us, this means that we welcome feedback, diverse perspectives, and new ideas. We support each other, we see failures as learning opportunities, and we set clear goals and expectations so that every team member feels empowered to succeed.

How We Work

Prioritize Impact

We strive to make a measurable impact every day. We trust each other. We hold ourselves accountable, and we move fast and hustle.

No Ego

We take pride in our work, but we have the humility to seek diverse perspectives. We aren't afraid to be wrong, because that's how we get better.

One Step Ahead

To be successful, we have to think big(ger), and solve problems before they arise. We are proactive, we anticipate the future, and we are always one step ahead.

Lead with Empathy

We are built on empathy and inclusivity. We want everyone to belong, regardless of their origins, preferences, or opinions. Diversity is in our DNA.

Customer Champions

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We devote ourselves to understanding and anticipating their needs so that we can deliver innovative solutions.