Smart Facilities Management for Commercial Tenants

Unify, standardize and automate data between your IoT devices, systems and people without code.

All of Your Data in One Place

Simplify property management. Standardize, visualize and automatically act on property data from any and all of your IoT devices, building management systems and people. 

Space Management

Using IoT data from occupancy sensors, create real-time heat maps to better understand employee traffic patterns and make strategic decisions on in-store or office layouts.

Smart Industrial Facilities Management

Energy Efficiency

Unify and standardize occupancy data with energy usage data to monitor energy consumption patterns, maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

Occupancy Sensing

Monitor traffic flows and pinpoint over-utilized and under-utilized areas to optimize cleaning schedules, minimize unnecessary maintenance and ensure social distancing practices.

Air Quality Monitoring

Monitor and manage temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting in remote building areas for decentralized, granular control of the HVAC system. Reduce utility costs and carbon footprint, while maximizing worker comfort and productivity.

Improve Employee Support

Provide on-demand access to critical facility information and automate support requests such as work orders, lighting and temperature control and access control through conversational AI.

smart facilities management for commercial tenants

Streamline Vendor Management

Set up automatic actions to route requests, service level agreements, and insurance to the right people, notify parties of changes or approval and signature requests and send alerts when projects are done.

Smart Facilities Management for Commercial Tenants