Data Integration in Minutes

Simplify, standardize and scale your data universe with GroundFloor data pipeline automation.

Residential Facilities Management

Complex Data Integration Made Simple.

Say goodbye to costly, time consuming and manual coding processes. We take the leg work out of managing your data universe with a single platform that automates the complete data pipeline. 

Whether you’re managing a retail, multi-family residential, office or industrial facility, we’ll handle integrating all of your IoT, people and process data, so you can enhance efficiencies, reduce costs and streamline communication.

Connect Any Data Set

Access critical information from all the technologies, people & processes that you have in place today & in the future.

Standardize Your Data

Intelligently and automatically define relevant relationships between all data types without costly & time-consuming coding.

Automate Workflows

Create automated workflows through the fusion of disparate data across all of your facilities.

Unlock Insights & Actions

Access and engage with information in real-time through a unified dashboard, automated reports, conversational intelligence or export into existing systems.

Leverage IoT Data

From occupancy and leak detection to indoor air quality monitoring, GroundFloor helps you unify and automate data from any IoT device to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies, cost savings, new revenue streams and enhanced compliance.

Streamline Day-to-Day Tasks

GroundFloor helps reduce busywork and better manage compliance and risk by digitizing and automating day-to-day tasks like inventory and COI tracking, property forms and tenant and customer support.

Improve Communication

Whether facility managers, tenants or customers, our data pipeline automation allows all of your stakeholders to access facility information and make requests in real-time through conversational AI.

Data Pipeline Automation
Data Pipeline Automation

Why Choose GroundFloor


Organize and standardize hundreds of data sets from any source in one unified location

Speed to Deployment

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with a “code-free” approach to data integration.

Vendor Flexibility

Select and integrate best-of-breed technologies into one unified platform for a cost-effective, flexible and future-proof operation


Build a platform that can efficiently and effectively scale as sophistication grows and disparate volumes of future data are added.  


Rapidly and cost-effectively manage data relationships and workflows to meet ever-changing compliance regulations.

Data Pipeline Automation for Smart Facility Management