A single source of truth for your entire CRE tech stack

Leverage Groundfloor’s open and extensible platform to easily connect, integrate and manage all of your building applications, solutions and data from a single platform.

Integrate the applications you have in place today and add new applications at anytime.

Building Occupancy

Better manage your spaces, reduce maintenance costs and enhance occupants’ health and safety.

Smart Cleaning

Optimize cleaning schedules and work routes, monitor stock levels and reduce waste and costs.

Water Risk Managment

Prevent costly water damage events with real-time water monitoring and leak detection.

IEQ Analysis

Collect and analyze IEQ data to increase energy efficiency, improve ventilation, and decrease utility costs.

Why Choose GroundFloor


Organize and standardize hundreds of data sets from any source in one unified location

Speed to Deployment

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with a “code-free” approach to data integration.

Vendor Flexibility

Select and integrate best-of-breed technologies into one unified platform for a cost-effective, flexible and future-proof operation


Build a platform that can efficiently and effectively scale as sophistication grows and disparate volumes of future data are added.  


Rapidly and cost-effectively manage data relationships and workflows to meet ever-changing compliance regulations.

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