Improve Compliance & Reduce Costs with Powerful Inspection Software

Collect, integrate and analyze all inspection data from a central hub to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Inspection Software

Simplify Inspection Management

Digitize safety inspections, standardize maintenance processes, automate escalations, and verify resolution instantly through a central hub.

Enhance Safety Standards

Ensure regulations are met with automated real-time alerts and customizable workflows that manage escalations and follow-up.

Demonstrate Compliance

Maintain a complete audit and communication trail and customize and share compliance and risk reports with key stakeholders.

Prevent Costly Maintenance

With advanced insight into building health, you can capture on-site issues immediately for cost-saving predictive maintenance.

Maintain High Property Standards and Improve Building Health with Groundfloor

Advanced Alerts

Set up automatic workflows to route requests and alerts to the right people, and notify the team and contractors when actions are required or complete.

Centralized Data

Eliminate data silos with one platform to manage all of your safety inspection programs. Integrate data across all building applications and systems

On-the-Go Inspections

Access safety inspection data from any mobile device and assign and track corresponding work orders to resolve identified issues.

Elevate Your Property Standards with Groundfloor