PremiseHQ SaaS Announces Purchase of ioAirFlow Intellectual Property to Improve Health of Commercial Buildings

Two Canadian startups merge solutions and research to help commercial buildings reduce emissions and energy waste.

TORONTO, ON, July 19, 2022PremiseHQ SaaS, a provider of smart building data management and analytics software, announced today the purchase of intellectual property developed by Canadian PropTech startup ioAirFlow. This acquisition will expand PremiseHQ’s suite of commercial building solutions, including ESG, air quality and ClimateTech.

The intellectual property includes an automated analysis solution to measure energy consumption and waste in commercial properties, air quality, and HVAC system performance analysis. This also includes ioAirFlow’s rapid COVID-19 transmission risk assessment report tool.

“ioAirflow’s portfolio of cleantech solutions are critical to reducing energy waste, improving sustainability and enhancing the health and comfort of tenants,” says Rafi Dowla, CEO at PremiseHQ. “Integrating this new layer of building data into our platform will help our clients make smarter, healthier and more cost-effective decisions for their properties and tenants, ultimately helping increase their capitalization rate.”

“This is a unique opportunity for ioAirFlow to be part of something very exciting with PremiseHQ,” says Matt Schaubroeck, CEO of ioAirFlow. “We’re thrilled that the company saw the value in what we have spent years developing. This sale means that our analysis will be integrated into a broader global customer base as part of a larger suite of solutions. I believe we will have an even larger impact on improving energy efficiency and air quality levels in buildings worldwide.”

The terms of the deal provide PremiseHQ with ownership over all prior and future ioAirFlow-developed intellectual property. However, both companies will continue to operate as separate entities, with ioAirFlow continuing to serve its existing clients.

ioAirFlow’s CEO, Matt Schaubroeck, will join PremiseHQ as Vice President of Product. He will continue to oversee the development of ioAirFlow and the expansion of Premise HQ’s suite of commercial building solutions.

The ioAirFlow solution will soon be available within PremiseHQ’s platform for new and existing PremiseHQ clients.

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PremiseHQ SaaS automates complex data management across commercial and industrial properties to help their clients reduce operational costs and increase capitalization rates.

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