Build real estate applications faster—with fewer resources.

Reduce your development costs and do more with less by enabling everyone to rapidly build and share low-code apps using Groundfloor.

Fast & Simple

Powerful Real-Estate Applications in Weeks, Not Months

No-Code/Low-Code Development

Quickly prototype and develop powerful real estate applications without writing extensive code

Reduce Development Costs

Reduce the time and cost of creating custom solutions compared to traditional development methods.

Complete Customization

Tailor your app’s look and feel user interface, and functionality to meet specific business requirements.


Integrate or Add New Applications Anytime

Seamlessly integrate with existing data streams or add new ones anytime without the need to remove, replace or reconfigure, making it scalable to your organization’s needs.

AI-Powered Data

Turn Data into Automated Action

Workflow Automation

Leverage AutoGPT to automate time-consuming routine tasks and optimize processes.

Advanced Analytics

Interact with real-time data through any platform of your choice enabling informed decision-making.

Alerts & Notifications

Create and send real-time notifications based on specific conditions or thresholds.

Conversational AI

Integrate conversational AI with ChatGPT to enhance engagement, reporting and support.

Real Estate App Marketplace

Get started with out-of-the-box applications designed to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk.