Streamline Commercial Cleaning and Reduce Costs with Actionable IoT Data

Streamline Commercial Cleaning and Reduce Costs with Actionable IoT Data

Mero is a Toronto-based IoT company that provides a smart cleaning platform to commercial properties with a patented retrofit sensor system for consumables, commercial cleaners and occupancy. Its platform combines hardware and software, empowering buildings to minimize environmental impact, control costs, and help the world safely return to public spaces. Mero manages millions of square feet of space worldwide, including hospitals, universities, offices, stadiums and airports.

The Challenge

The global pandemic has wholly changed the built environment. Commercial property management companies are forced to redesign the modern workplace to keep pace with new health and safety expectations to ensure a safe return to work. Not to mention, variable occupancy rates are putting pressure on commercial landlords to find further cost savings in areas they would not have searched in the past. Gone are the days when landlords could wake up each day expecting 97%+ occupancy rates. Even with a gradual return to work, tenant organization employees will be more remote than ever.

This was the challenge facing QuadReal Property Group, a global real estate investment, operating and development company. They searched for a dynamic smart cleaning platform to ensure a safe and productive return to work at Commerce Court West in Toronto.

The Solution

QuadReal selected Mero’s smart cleaning technology and PremiseHQ’s GroundFloor data management platform to collect, integrate and manage critical health and safety insights through a single pane of glass.

The deployment took only three days and spanned 50 floors at Commerce Court West. With GroundFloor, QuadReal can manage data from over 1000 Mero sensors across occupancy, consumables (toilet paper, paper towels), and cleaner beacons to monitor cleaner location.

Consumable monitoring sensors provide QuadReal with real-time data on cleaning supply levels for effective inventory management and timely replenishment. GroundFloor also fuses this data with occupancy data from other IoT sensors to empower smart cleaning schedules. Now QuadReal can alert cleaning staff when individual tenant spaces or desks are used or when a particular area’s traffic has reached a set threshold to ensure efficient cleaning practices.

The Results

Mero and PremiseHQ provide QuadReal with real-time access to a more centralized and consolidated view of actionable commercial cleaning data. Combining disparate IoT datasets in PremiseHQ’s unified platform, QuadReal can create synergy never before seen in commercial real estate. The results have shown ~20% of reduction in cleaner labour and 35% of supply wastage saved.