Driving Facilities Communication at Scale

SAIL is a powerful conversational AI tool that helps provide facility managers and their tenants faster service, streamlined operations and improved communication.

Conversational AI - SAIL

Provide Round-the-clock Self-Service Support

Enhance the tenant experience and reduce costly support with faster access to information and automated coordination, processing and approval of requests.

Better Understand Your Tenants

Bind tenant behaviour with building operations so that you can draw insightful usage patterns and create hassle-free experiences, in real-time.

Improve Operations & Reduce Costs

Get status updates from any device or system to streamline processes and make timely informed decisions.

Why Choose SAIL

Deploy in Days not Months

SAIL can learn and update its database from existing content rather than the timely storyboarding method.

Start Conversations from Anywhere

Multi-channel engagement allows users to access and engage with information via text message, email or website.

Full Customization without Coding

Our conversational AI connects all of your data, automates workflows, and acts as an extension of your team.

Better Self-Service Support

SAIL can grasp intent and answer inquires in intuitive natural language for enhanced user experiences.

Conversational AI for Smart Facility Management