Level Up Property & Facilities Management with AI

Harness the power of conversational AI enabled by ChatGPT to enhance the tenant experience, improve operational efficiencies and maximize profitability — with the least amount of effort.

Answer any question, anytime with full control

SAIL draws upon a wealth of pre-existing information and context to provide informative and accurate answers to critical questions. And because SAIL continuously learns from user interactions, feedback, and data, it improves responses, language fluency, and understanding over time.

Provide 24/7 self-service support

SAIL can automate the coordination, processing and approval of requests and complaints to help enhance the customer experience and reduce time to resolution.

Supercharge customer service with AI-powered automation

Enhance the Tenant Experience

By leveraging user profiles, historical data, and real-time insights, SAIL crafts highly relevant and customized conversations.

Reduce Operational Costs

SAIL helps automate time-consuming routine tasks and optimize processes to allow staff to focus on revenue-generating initiatives.

Access KPIs On-Demand

SAIL integrates with any system or application to provide on-demand access to critical performance metrics across your entire business.

Better Understand Tenants

Draw insightful usage patterns such as the most common complaints, the most requested services or the average time to resolution.

Seamlessly integrate SAIL with your business systems

SAIL connects with all your business systems, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

Why Choose SAIL

Deploy in Just a Few Days Not Months

SAIL can learn and update its database from existing content rather than the timely storyboarding method.

Start Conversations from Anywhere

Multi-channel engagement allows users to access and engage with information via text message, email or website.

Full Customization without Coding

Our conversational AI connects all of your data, automates workflows, and acts as an extension of your team.

Better Self-Service Support

SAIL can grasp intent and answer inquires in intuitive natural language for enhanced user experiences.

Experience the Power of AI for Smart Facility and Property Management