Smart Commercial Buildings

With GroundFloor™ you can consolidate, understand and take action on all of your disparate data from a single pane of glass.

Manage All of Your Data End-to-End

Say goodbye to data silos. Standardize, visualize and automatically act on data from any and all of your building systems, IoT devices and people from a central location.

Smart Commercial Buildings

Leverage IoT Data

GroundFloor helps you unify and automate data from any IoT device to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies, cost savings, new revenue streams and enhanced compliance in your smart commercial buildings.

Occupancy Sensing

Monitor traffic flows in various building zones. Pinpoint over-utilized and under-utilized areas to better control safe distancing measures, sanitation activities and to minimize unnecessary maintenance and energy expenses.

Air Quality Monitoring

Proactively monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) conditions to improve the health, comfort, and well-being of building occupants and reduce risks of developing respiratory symptoms.

Proactive Leak Detection

Integrate leak detection sensors with your building automation system and set up automatic responses like shutting off the supply valve or HVAC equipment to prevent widespread and costly damage.

Smart Facilities Management

Consumables Monitoring

Get real-time insight into the usage levels of various building consumables like hand sanitizer, soap, paper towel and toilet paper. Get notified when items are running low to ensure timely refills and to maintain the health and safety of occupants. 

Improve Communication with Occupants

Whether you’re the point contact for retail employees or business office managers, provide on-demand access to critical facility information, send real-time alerts and automate support requests such as work orders and access control through conversational AI.

Smart Commercial Buildings

Streamline Vendor Management

Set up automatic actions to route requests, service level agreements, and insurance to the right people, notify parties of changes or approval and signature requests and send alerts when projects are done.

Manage data from all of your smart commercial buildings in a central location.