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Optimize Your Commercial Building Cleanliness

Reduce consumables costs, maximize cleaning efficiency, and enhance the tenant experience with real-time actionable data

Reduce Supply Waste

Save up to 35% of supply waste. Monitor your building’s dispensers in real-time to eliminate early refills and ensure a more sustainable future.

Elevate Tenant Comfort

Ensure supplies are refilled before tenants notice and send requests, and that common areas are always clean and sanitized.

Optimize Cleaning Operations

Combine occupancy and supply level data to identify priority areas, maximize labor efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Reduce Cleaning Costs & Give Your Tenants Peace of Mind

Actionable Insight

Get real-time insight into the cleaning status of each area, consumables levels on every dispenser, and updates on refills and response times.

Instant Alerts

Send instant notifications to cleaning staff when dispensers are running empty or when an area requires cleaning attention.

Informed Tenants

Provides tenant visibility over the last time an area was cleaned, the number of recent visitors, and the current level of supplies.

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