Attract & Retain High-Quality Tenants

Tenant expectations are higher than ever before. Enhance the tenant experience and reduce costly support with faster access to critical facility information and automated coordination, processing, and approval of requests, forms and reservations.


Provide Self-Service Support

Reduce costly support and empower your tenants with self-service access to information and automated coordination, processing and approval of work order requests and amenity reservations through conversational AI.


Improve Health & Safety

Collect, integrate and communicate data like occupancy, cleaning supply levels and air quality to better manage social distancing, janitorial services and adequate ventilation for enhanced tenant health and reduced disease transmission.


Manage Key Documents

Create, collect and manage key tenant documents across multiple facilities, such as certificates of insurance, rental agreements, parking release forms and work order requests using our property forms and conversational AI tools.


Better Understand Tenants

Bind tenant behaviour with building operations so that you can draw insightful usage patterns to identify tenants’ common frustrations, report on the most requested repairs and services or monitor how many ASB have been reported.

Elevate the tenant experience and streamline operations

Start Conversations from Anywhere

Multi-channel engagement allows tenants to access and engage with information and receive alerts via text message, email or website.

Send Important Notifications

Set up automatic actions to route requests and alerts to the right people. Notify tenants of key action items and when requests are complete.

Streamline & Automate Day-to-Day Tasks

Reduce busy work and better manage compliance and risk by digitizing and automating daily tasks like COI tracking, form management and tenant support.

Power the Tenant Experience with Groundfloor