Comprehensive Flood, Leak and Water Protection

Monitor and manage your water usage in real-time to track waste, reduce consumption and detect leaks at the source.

Water Risk Management

Eliminate Water Damage

Monitor high-risk areas in real-time and receive alerts at the very first sign of a leak to ensure immediate remedial action.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Avoid costly repairs and cleanup and prevent even the smallest and slowest trickles that can lead to high utility costs.

Improve Sustainability

Protect freshwater resources and decrease the volume of water and power needed to treat and pump through your property.

Enhance Tenant Satisfaction

Reduce potential damage that causes disruptive repairs to common areas and tenant spaces and eliminate potential safety hazards.  

Enable Proactive Maintenance & Avoid Long-term Damage

24/7 Monitoring & Alerts

Get on-demand access to data and create automated real-time alerts and actionable workflows when water usage levels reach defined thresholds.

Automated Responses

Integrate data into your BMS to enable automated responses like shutting off the supply valve or HVAC equipment to prevent widespread damage.

Better Data Visibility

Pinpoint areas of concern on an interactive map and access critical data through a centralized dashboard from any mobile device.

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